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Welcome to SunTech Sales... we proudly represents a select group of manufacturers in the Electronic Components Industry.

Eaton   Eaton
Controls and Power Conversion (Sure Power Inc)
Military Power Supplies: AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, COTS Standards, Modified, Custom, 5W-10KW
Eaton   Eaton Interconnect
Aerospace/Military Connectors, Aviation Ground Power, Cell Bypass Switches, Custom Cable Assemblies, Custom Connectors (up to 900A), Non-Explosive Actuators, Oil/Gas Penetrators, Space/Launch Solutions, Subsea/Shore Power
Flex Power   Flex Power
Power Modules: Analog and Digital DC/DC Converters, Point of Load Modules
Excelsys Technologies   Advanced Energy
Power Supplies: Configurable AC/DC power solutions, 100-1800 watts
High Voltage Power Supplies: DC/DC
  NJR Corporation
Bipolar IC's: Op Amps, Comparators, Voltage Regulators, Audio IC's, Video IC's, and Comm IC's
CMOS IC's: LCD Controllers/Drivers, Audio DSP's Microcontrollers, Quartz Crystal Oscillators, OP Amps, and Analog Switches
GaAs IC's: MMIC's and Opto Devices
RF Modules: RF Modulators, 3-in-1 Modules, TV Tuners
SAW Filters: Cellular, PCS, Pager, GPS, and ISM Band
Microwave Products: Doppler Modules, LNB's, Gunn, Shottky, Pin, and Varactor Diodes
Stepper Motor Control IC's
Japanese Products Corp    Elinco
Japanese Products Corp / Elinco
Thermal Cooling Products:
AC/DC Fans and Blowers
PM Stepper Motors:
2 Phase
3 Phase
Brushless DC Motors
Pulse Electronics   Pulse
LAN Components: 10/100 Base-T/Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and ATM
Telecom: ISDN, T1/E1, T3/DS3/E3/STS-1, and SONET/SDH
Broadband: xDSL, RF & HFC, Cable Modem, IEEE 1394, and Fiber Channel
Power Products: Inductors, Transformers, Chokes, Planar Transformers
PCB Connectors: Modular Jacks for RJ45, USB, IEEE 1394, Ganged Jacks, LED Jacks
Ceramic Antennas: WLAN Dualband, Bluetooth, Bluetooth/ WLAN/WiFi, GPS, Sat Radio, DMB-S, WiMax, MediaFLO
Helical Antennas: WiFi, GPS, ISM, DVB-H EU
Stick Antennas
Pulse R   PulseR
MIL-STD-1553 Transformer, Data Bus Couplers/Terminators, Fiber Channel Transformers and Transceivers, SONET/SDH Interface Modules, Delay Lines Custom Power Transformers & Inductors – High Rel. Custom Power Magnetic Components, Custom/Catalog Laminate Tranformers and Inductors
Skynet   Skynet
Power Supplies: AC/DC – DC/DC Converters up to 500 watts, Desktop and Wall Mount Power Supplies
SL Montevideo   Montevideo Technology
Military, Industrial, Medical Applications
Brush DC Motors, Induction AC Motors
AC & DC Servo Motors
Custom Ball Screws Aerospace/Industrial Markets: Thread Grinding/Rolling, Heat Treating, Precision Machining

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